Eighth Generation

57. Bartholomeus Roelof Jacobus "Bart (Blackie)" Heyneke was born on 12 May 1945 in Pretoria South Africa. He went to school in Pretoria. The Hendrik Verwoerd High School.
He left school in 1962, and joined the South African Police Services. He was stationed in Rosebank Johanesburg and thereafter he was transfer all over the country. He met his wife in Umtata we he was transferred to the Mobile Unit.
In 1967 he underwent a C.I.D. course and become a detective. In 1968 he wrote his exam for Sergeant and pass the course. At the end of 1968 he was transferred to Nqeleni in the old Transkei as second in command. In 1970 he was then transferred to Matatiele police station also as second in charge. That was to enable his children to start school. In 1971 he was transferred to Franklin as Station Commander. He took his discharge in 1975 and start to work on the railways on the footplate. In 1981 he resigned the railways and work for Pep stores and become a manager for Half Price Stores in Matatiele. He then worked for different business and in August 1986 he started his own business.

Bartholomeus Roelof Jacobus "Bart (Blackie)" Heyneke and Elizabeth Edith Willard were married on 11 September 1965. Elizabeth Edith Willard, daughter of Charles Willard and Myrtle Bridger, was born on 20 May 1947 in Idutywa Old Transkei South Africa. Twin sister of Margaret. They grew up and went to school in Umtata. She worked on the telephone exchange in Umtata.

Bartholomeus Roelof Jacobus "Bart (Blackie)" Heyneke and Elizabeth Edith Willard had the following children:



Casper Cornelius Heyneke.



Charles Douglas Heyneke.



Gwendoline Judith Heyneke.



Bartholomeus Roelof Jacobus "Bart (1d1972)" Heyneke.